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Democratic Republic of Congo


Kai Batla Minerals Industry Consultants have teamed up with Global Consultant Partners to form Kai Batla DRC. The Democratic Republic of Congo is centrally located on the African continent which occupies and area of approximately 2.4 Ma km2 with approximately 52 Ma people. The Congo Basin, made up largely of Mesozoic to Cenozoic and Recent sediments, occupies large parts of the centre and west of the country. It is surrounded by more or less elevated Precambrian ridges: to the west by the Atlantic Rise, to the north by the Uganda to Central African Republic mobile belts and to the south by the Kasai and northeastern Angola Shield. Tabular volcano-sedimentary deposits of Pan-African age encircle the inner margins of the basin. The southeast of the country is underlain by the Pan- African Lufi lian Arc. Along the eastern part, at the border to the Western Rift of the East African Rift System, occur numerous Tertiary to Recent volcanoes and some carbonatites.

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